The Tessolar module was designed in tandem with simplified mounting systems for both ground and rooftop installations.

The rooftop Tesserack™ composite mounting system replaces up to 50 metal parts and no tools or grounding are required for module mounting.

Module Assembly

Tessolar has redesigned the solar module architecture and assembly processes to enable the cost effective use of high performance materials. The automated process reduces cell handling and results in higher initial module power and energy output.

Fiber-reinforced composite frame is the backbone of the system

tessolar inc.

tessolar inc

tessolar inc.

The result is a factory integrated kit that includes an optimized module with lower weight and higher energy output plus integrated installation hardware – a design innovation that enables significantly lower installed system cost through lower balance of systems hardware and labor costs for both roof top and ground mounted applications and lower cost of solar generated electricity due to higher lifetime energy output.

The Tessolar system is patent pending.