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The global PV market is projected to grow at over 10 GW/year until at least 2020 when sales will exceed 100GW ($70B). This ongoing market dynamic – unabated global growth with constrained supply – creates an immediate opportunity for the insertion of demonstrated cost-effective manufacturing solutions.

tessolar inc

Solar module prices have fallen to the point where the module now makes up a fraction of installed system cost. However, the 40-year old module design drives the balance of system hardware and installation labor costs and little has been done to address that gap. System engineering, procurement and construction firms are seeking ways to reduce those costs to increase their competitiveness against alternative suppliers.  Tessolar is meeting that demand.

Today's solar module design was optimized by NASA in 1975. In comparison, current smartphones have more computing power than a mainframe computer from that era. Technological advancements in materials and manufacturing, similar to those that enable the smartphone, enable Tessolar's innovative solar hardware designs.

tessolar inc.

Tessolar Inc.offers a purpose-designed photovoltaic power hardware system.  This integrated system combines a novel photovoltaic module with integrated installation hardware that enables the cost-effective use of higher performance materials and fully automated assembly processes.  The resulting hardware is designed to reduce overall system  costs  with increased  efficiency and reliability. Tessolar's system can be installed in less than half the time and can produce 10% more electricity over a typical 25 year system life compared to conventional systems.  The integrated hardware system results in significantly lower labor, structural hardware, and electrical hardware costs for both roof mounted and ground mounted PV systems.